Sharing Economy - definition debate

There is still no agreement among the experts regarding to the accurate definition of sharing economy. Different terms exist like collaborative economy, collaborative consumption, peer economy, sharing economy. All of them approach the model of sharing economy from a different perspective.

The presentation below helps you get through the different concepts.

Sharing Economy - field of application

At the beginning sharing economy existed only in few industries (e.g. transport). But recently the number of them has multiplied. There are services based on sharing economy in the field of finance, logistics and health. 

The picture below shows the diversity of sharing economy. 

Priority topics

The following topics are highly important for the Sharing Economy Association:

Predictable, transparent regulations

It would be important to define transparent regulations which provide safety for the entrepreneurs and meet the needs of the state.

Sharing City

Services based on sharing economy have not only personal benefits but several positive social, economic and environmental impacts on a city level. It would be worthwhile taking advantage of it.