Sharing Economy Association

The Sharing Economy Association was founded in March, 2017 in order to facilitate the development of sharing economy and create a professional platform for those companies and organizations who work in the spirit of sharing economy. 



We believe that the cooperation of our members presents outstanding results and values for the participants providing services based on sharing economy.

Consumer protection

Protecting users and following consumer protection directives is required and obligatory for members joining the Association.


Ensure transparency of individuals and companies involved in the service and following local rules is compulsory. 

Main Activities

    Respresentation of interest

  • We help to create general terms for the functioning of sharing economy.

  • We represent the interests of companies and consumers.


  • We support deepening the knowledge of sharing economy
  • We promote the aspirations of companies working in the spirit of sharing economy.


  • We help to regulate the functioning of sharing economy models.
  • We support the evolution of tax rules that are compatible with the functioning of sharing economy.

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