The Sharing Economy Association was founded in March, 2017 with the collaboration of the most experienced members of the industry. The fields of Sharing Economy are diversified but the companies have to face very similar challenges, for example, business model, trust-building, regulations. The best way to solve these problems is collaboration.

Our goal is to create a professional platform which support the development of sharing economy with the following activities:

  1. provides professional support to the companies in the field of sharing economy
  2. creates opportunity for close cooperation between companies

  3. maintains contact and supports the regulators with professional materials

Do you agree with our goals?

What is 'Sharing Economy'?

Sharing economy is an economic and social system which provides access to goods, services, data and knowledge so as to share and use them. 

Online technologies help to provide the information for individuals, companies and non-profit organizations in order to distribute, share and recycle unused products and services, so the exchange, lease or sale can be transacted between the participants. 

Sharing economy emerged as a new business structure in the 2000s and it was inspired by solving the problems due to community technologies, the growing population and the depletion of energy resources.

One source of inspiration was the tragedy of "individual possession", which means if we only act for our own interest those goods and materials will be depleted which are essential to our quality of life.

Definition of Sharing Economy

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