Why should you join us?

»  Knowledge sharing and exchange of experience between Sharing Economy organizations

»  Cooperation possibilities with members and foreign partners

»  Common representation of interest in regulatory issues

Terms of membership

»   Adoption of objectives defined in the Constitution of the Association

»   To fulfill the obligations defined in the Constitution of the Association

»   Accession request is accepted by the Board of the Association

Constitution of Sharing Economy Association can be downloaded here (Hungarian language)

Types of membership

Full Member

♦ An organization, a company, an association, a foundation, other legal entity or non-legal entity which is based on sharing economy and registered in Hungary

♦ 5 votes at general meetings

Startup Member

♦ Plan launching a business based on sharing economy

♦ 12 months probation which can be prolonged twice

♦ 2 votes at general meetings

Supporting Member

♦ Organization which supports sharing economy directly or indirectly but its functioning is not based on sharing economy.

♦ It supports the organization with a regular financial contribution

♦ 1 vote at general meetings


* Filling the application form doesn't mean obligatory joining. It can be used as an inquiry.